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Restrictive highlighting
in English: only, just
and ALL clefts


Various language devices help to structure discourse; they introduce information effectively, put an emphasis on information that is central in a given context and help listeners or readers achieve an understanding of all the links between the pieces of information. Among language devices contributing to the organisation of discourse, some devices have been investigated in detail, but others have not. This book focuses on one type of devices falling into the latter type – English grammatical devices for highlighting particular constituents restrictively (e.g. only, just and ALL cleft constructions). Using empirical data derived from corpora and elicitation tests, this book provides readers with some systematic patterns relating to the use of devices. This book enriches our understanding of how the devices such as only, just and ALL cleft constructions help to structure discourse as well as provides useful information for learners of English, who cannot rely on their intuitions and must learn properly to control the information flow in discourse.

By Yoko Yamada

(山田 陽子[著])