tittle ホーム連絡ご注文
            TO THE TEACHER

 The main idea behind this book is to get the individual student actively involved in the speaking and listening aspects of daily conversation, especially practical conversations dealing with his everyday life here in Japan. Perhaps the most important feature of this text is that a lot of the drills and exercises are done with the students working with parents, thus the title “You and Your Partner.” The students are expected to help each other and the degree to which they do this will determine how much English they will learn. The basic format of the text is as follows:

 The first ten lessons (with the exceptions of lessons 5 and 10, which are review lessons) have the same organization. Each lesson is divided into three parts.

     Part Tconsists of three dialogs each of which is preceded    by two (occasionally three) pattern drills.
     Part U is a short story followed by a variety of questions    arranged by types, starting with the easiest “Yes-No” questions   and ending with the more difficult “Ask me”ones. There is also a   short written exercise.
     PartV is a “You and Your Partner”section which attempts   to give the students a chance to use the contents of the lesson
  in a “semi-natural” free conversation situation.
 The following technique for the use of this book is recommended but by no means exclusive, i.e. you can leave certain steps out or add your own.


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