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表紙 English Stress Shift and the Hierarchy of Constraints on Prosodic Structure

by Chicako Shibata (柴田 知薫子)
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初版発行日: 2000.12.28
ISBN 4-89798-603-6


 It has often been assumed that stress distribution is stable throughout the history of the English language. Though it was analyzed synchronically, English stress tends to be left outside the diacronic analisis. This work aims at attributing English stress shift to be the reranking of certain constraints within the hierarchy of constraints on prosodic structure.
 Generative phonology has analyzed linguistic stress into minute details by postulating a large set of stress rules, leaving a considerable amount of questions open. One serious question is concerned with the validity of some rules. Another involves the psychological reality of the serial derivation, where rules are applied to the underlying representation, until the required surface structure is obtained. In Chapter 1, we briefly review the previous approaches to English stress, and point out that they failed to refer to the grammatical functions of stress : demarcative function and morphological function.
 In Optimality theory, the serial derivation and phonological rules are replaced by the constraint hierarchy, which evaluates a set of output forms in a parallel fashion. In Chapter 2, we introduce the guiding ideals of Optimality Theory, and indicate that the grammatical functions of stress are realized by two different constraint families : Alignment constraints and Identity constraints.
 In Chapter 3, we find that stress shifted leftward in old English and Middle English, rightward in Modern English, and it is currentrly shifting rightward in certain polysyllabic words. we demonstrate that English stress distribution is determined by the ranking of constraints, which are formalized in the framework of Optimality Theory. Our claim is that English stress shift is ascribed to the reranking of the Identity constraints within the hierarchy of constraints on prosodic structure.
 We conclude in Chapter 4 that the constraint reranking is limited to the Identity constraints within the invariant hierarchy of the language. The outranking of certain Alignment constraints over the Identity constraints indicates that the demarcative function predominates over the loses the information it had at the moment of begin borrowed or derived.
.         Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Introduction
Chapter 2 Introduction to Optimality Theory
Chapter 3 A Diachronic Study of English Stress
Chapter 4 Summary and Conclusions
Appendix A Summary of Constraints and Conditions
Appendix B list of Words in - able / - ible and - ary / ory

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